THE X-MEN #48-52: First appearances of Polaris and Mesmero (1967-1968)

I can never get enough James Steranko.

In these issues, we meet Lorna for the first time.  She’s not an X-Man yet, but she’s got the green hair to prove her mutant roots.  But more importantly, on the credits side: Arnold Drake signs on as writer, and we get a few of these issues drawn by the great Jim Steranko, like that terrific panel, above.  Such an unusually gifted artist. Wish he’d done more.


Then, if that wasn’t enough of a gift, we get Barry Smith drawing issue #53.  Another terrific talent—look what he did with Cyclops up there, and the one eye.

Mesmero is a disciple of Magneto, and he has the ability to activate latent mutants and he boosts his power to trigger an awakening across the world–like Polaris.

He says she’s the daughter of Magneto but…

Creators: Arnold Drake and Jim Steranko
Grade: B-

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