Secret Wars II #4 (1985)

Last Issue, Beyonder learned about money and power by becoming a crimelord and literallyi taking over every molecule on Earth.  This issue, he learns about love by being a cad.

The woman kills herself because she can’t live without Beyonder.

Okay, so, I get that people fall in love and may hurt themselves behind it, but this seems excessive.  There needed to be a little more story development behind a one-night stand where she doesn’t know the guy’s name to overdosing.  At the same time, Beyonder is basically God so maybe shtupping God is so fantastic that it makes you a complete addict and you die without it?  I don’t know.  But Beyonder shows that he has the power to revive the dead, and brings her back.

There’s also an excuse to have some panels advertising other Marvel stories.

Yes, the book is all over the place.

Anyway, Beyonder realizes he needs a woman with a little more backbone, so he goes after Dazzler.  In her own book, at least in the early issues, Allison jumped from guy to guy, so it makes sense that she might fall for Beyonder, too.  Also, he spares no expense, creating horse-drawn carriages, turning asteroids into diamonds, etc., to impress her.  When nothing works, he does a Purple Man on her—forcing her to love him—until he realizes that love has to be voluntary and he frees her.  (He had a chick who loved him so much she’d die for him—why wasn’t that enough?)  Anyhow, the story is elaborated upon in the next issue of Dazzler.

He also goes to Alpha Flight to resolve the plotline of Talisman being stuck in her father, Shaman’s, magic bag (see Alpha Flight #27).  He does this because there’s an engagement ring he wants to pull from the bag (but if he can bring people back to life, surely he could have just created his own?).  I don’t like that Beyonder is being used to intervene with active plotlines in ongoing books.  It feels lazy.

The art and writing in this book is not good, but the ideas do have potential—and many of them have been explored in much greater detail in other stories, decades later.  Hugely missed potential resulting in a sub-par comic that kind of taints the memory of how well Jim Shooter handled the first Secret Wars.

Creators: Jim Shooter and Al Milgrom
Grade: D

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