AVENGERS #258 (1985)

This is one of those issues of Avengers that “checks in” in a bunch of things without doing too much.   In the hands of a talented writer like Roger Stern, that’s a good thing.

Last issue, the Savage Land was destroyed.  We don’t get to see what Ka-Zar does, but we are left to infer that he is staying in the Savage Land anyway since he doesn’t accompany the team when they get back home.

Then it is off to NYC where the team arrives just in tile to see Spider-Man standing over a defeated Firelord, in a pile of rubble.  Spidey fought and beat Firelord during a terrific two-issue brawl in Amazing Spider-Man #258-259.  Next we learn that the US Government has revoked the team’s clearances and computer access as a result of Vision’s taking over NORAD in the Conquering Vision story.

Their liaison tells them their rights are “suspended pending official restructuring.”  That means a lineup change is coming!

It ends with a prelude to an upcoming story.  Captain Marvel is out in space Skrull fighting, and you know that will get back to Earth eventually.IMG_1076Creators: Stern and John Buscema
Grade: B

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