Secret Wars II #2 (1985)

The Beyonder is trying to learn what it means to be human.  He has taken on the form Steve Rogers, and now he jumps off building to see what it would be like.  We also see him learning about money, eating, drinking, etc. while skipping through the lives of the heroes on the cover.  Nothing moves ahead too much here—you have to read the three crossover issues to get any kind of depth into the stories.  In fact, you just read Web of Spider-Man #6, Amazing Spider-Man #258, and Fantastic Four #282 and skip this issue entirely.

Beyonder turns Luke and Danny’s office building into solid gold because Luke convinces him he needs money.

He gives Susan Richards her “Malice” costume.

But again, all of this ALSO happens in the tie-in issues themselves, so you don’t need to read this.

It’s unusual for an “event” miniseries to be so…Uneventful.  But then again, This was really only the second event miniseries Marvel ever did.

Creators: Jim Shooter and Al Milgrom
Grade:C-.  An average overall book—but slightly below average for being inessential.


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