Web of Spider-Man #4-5 (1985)

A John Byrne cover (he also does the cover for #5).

An amazing splash page.

Followed by a terrific sequence of Spider-Man punching and wisecracking, with some of Greg LaRocque’s best penciling I’ve seen.

Yeah, this story is off to a good start.  From there, we get a solid recap of what’s up in the world of Doctor Octopus since he was committed to a mental institution, and a great punchline to the fakeout on the cover.  He’s not the villain!  But his arms are!  They break him out of the prison hospital so that in issue #5 he can be the main baddie.

Look how evil he is—he destroys a word processor!

The ending of this story is pretty funny.  Spider-Man beats the Doc and is about ready to destroy his arms when…

It’s ridiculous to think that the instrument of a criminal enterprise would be protected by a court order, but it’s a pretty funny and creative way to ensure Doc Ock can return in the future.

Creators: Danny Fingeroth and Greg LaRocque
Grade: B

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