Iron Man #189-190 (1984-1985)

I really like this run on Iron Man.  It takes two issues for Rhodey to defeat a nfew villain named Termite who has the power to basically be a human termite, and he has to call in Scarlet Witch for help.  Actually, Vision—as tactical leader of the Avengers—does it.  Then, in the end, it’s Tony Stark who saves the day.  Naturally, that doesn’t make Rhodey happy.

This is just another example of the ongoing Stark-Rhodes conflict, in which Tony doesn’t take his armor back from Rhodey but instead continues to upstage him from the sidelines.  This is entirely believable for many reasons: Tony has a lifetime more experience than Jim inside the armor; the armor itself is in need of upkeep since the Secret Wars and Tony isn’t helping Rhodey do that; and, most importantly, Tony is (and has always been) a bit of an egomaniacal bastard.

Creators: Denny O’Neil and Luke McDonnell
Grade: C+

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