Marvel Team-Up annual #7 (1984)

The Collector tries to collect Alpha Flight’s Marrina and Spider-Man’s new costume.  The story is “The Collected Spider-Man,” which I think is a wink to “The Kid Who Collected Spider-Man.”  Nice touch.  I love The Collector—he’s such a great villain for comic book readers, especially in the 1980s when comic fans were obsessive completists.  And John Byrne’s Alpha Flight is great.  But for some reason the ingredients don’t really come together here.

But the back-up feature is really neat.  It’s a team-up of Black Panther and Human Torch versus Crimson Dynamo, told from the perspective of two civilians watching a live news feed of the battle.

Creators: Main story: Louise Simonson and Paul Neary
Back-Up story: Bob DeNatale and the great David Mazzucchelli
Grade: Main story: C-; backup: B-

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