Defenders #133-134 (1984): 1st Manslaughter

Bobby Drake plays “spin the Dragonfang.”  The amusing character moments come fast and often in these issues—I’m really digging Peter Gillis’ style.

Now that The Defenders are basically an X-Men team the mutant hate storyline has to be a part of it.  So Beast is going around to college campuses.

Then, the team goes to San Francisco where they foil a drug deal.

At the end of issue #133, we see two shadowy figures: One is the classic “big rich guy sitting at a desk” who says that those pesky Defenders have humiliated him for the last time and sends the other silhouette, who we see next issue is Manslaughter, to go kill them.

Creators: Peter Gillis and Alan Kupperberg
Grade: C+
Angel, Beast, , Gargoyle (Defender), Iceman, Manslaughter, Moondragon, Typhoon (Detective), Valkyrie

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