Defenders #131 (1984)

Peter Gillis begins his run with a comedic story that recalls the best Defenders comics (i.e., those written by Steve Gerber).  Frog Man (son of Leap Frog) and a new guy called Walrus are featured.

The Beast goes to a college to give a lecture, and (above) uses his characteristic sarcastic humor.  Back in the ‘80s, he wasn’t a boring scientist who used big words, he was a fun-loving clown who provided comic relief.

During the lecture, Frog Man shows up to audition to be a New Defender.

Then, Walrus shows up to “audition,” basically, as a super-villain.  And astonishingly, he bests all of the Defenders who are present.

Of course, eventually Walrus is defeated.

It’s just a fun story.  There’s also some sub-plotting with the rest of the team.

Creators: J.M. DeMatteis (plot); Peter Gillis (script); Alan Kupperberg (pencils and inks)
Grade: B-

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Angel, Beast, Frog-Man II, Gargoyle (Defender), Iceman, Leap-Frog, Moondragon, Valkyrie, Walrus

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