Iron Man #171 (1983)

This run is fun–cool too see Rhodey learn how to use his armor.

In his first outing as Iron Man (or at least the first issue where he’s in the armor for the whole story, while Stark is sidelined), Rhodey meets Thunderball from the Wrecking Crew, a man with a giant steel ball and Asgardian-level power.

It’s not lost on me that Marvel’s biggest-name black hero (Iron Man is a big name, even if it’s being borrowed from a white guy) is fighting one of Marvel’s only black villains.

Daredevil’s dunken ex-fiance and Tarkington Brown of the NYC Mayor’s office appear at a Tony Stark party, right before she tells Tarkington DD’s secret identity in Daredevil #195.

Creators: Denny O’Neil and Luke McDonnell
Grade: B

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