Doctor Strange #60-62 (1983)

Dr. Strange fights Dracula, in a story that also touched issues of Thor and The Avengers.  It also offers the opportunity to have a bunch of cameos and guest stars, which always helped pump sales in the 1980s.  It all starts when Dracula sends an army of rats to assault The Avengers Mansion.  Only Captain Marvel and Scarlet Witch are home, but they’re actually two characters who are well suited for a Dr. Strange team -up.

Look at how beautiful that Dan Green cover is!  It was one of the ones I hung on my wall, I liked it so much.

There’s a cult of Drac-followers, which is an interesting idea, and the world’s leading vampire is a pretty good choice for  Strange villain.  I could do without there being a mystic “book” that Strange and Drac are fighting over, but I guess it’s as good a device as any to move the plot along.  The idea is that the book holds the secret to destroying all vampires on Earth–The Montesi Formula.  So Strange is engaging in a sort of ethnic cleansing.  And he’s successful.

Except, of course, we all know that vampires and Dracula eventually come back.

Blade is one of the guest stars.  Nice!  Especially since once the vamps are gone, there’s really no point to his character.

Overall, a very cool story.  Roger Stern is easily one of the best Dr. Strange writers.

Creators: Roger Stern, Dan Green (#60-61), Stephen Leialoha (#62)
Grade: B+

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