THING #3-4 (1983)

Crystal and Quicksilver had a baby and it was born…Normal. Pietro can’t take that. So, he decides to expose baby Luna to the Inhumans’ Terrigen Mists. Crystal doesn’t want him to. Thing tries to stop him. The Inhumans, who live in a sexist society where the father’s wishes rule over all, try to stop Thing from stopping Quicksilver. And it all ends when Lockjaw speaks.

Yes, Lockjaw can talk.

Turns out, he’s a person–not a dog–that was exposed to and mutated by the Terrigen mists.

Not liking this retcon.  And I think I’m not alone, because I don’t recall any other stories where Lockjaw can talk.  Actually, this Web site discusses how Peter David undid this horrible story.

In issue #4, the now-talking Lockjaw and Thing team up to help a human mutant child from being killed by backwards rednecks.  Meh.

Creator: John Byrne
Grade: C+
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