WHAT IF? #13 and 39: What if Conan the Barbarian Walked on Earth Today, And Battled Thor?


conan 2 pimpIt’s around this time that What If? finally hits its groove.  Roy Thomas, John Buscema and Ernie Chan write one of the best issues ever.  Did it come true?  I’m gonna say yes.  Because I don’t even think this is a What If? story.  In it, Conan gets hit by a magic spell that teleports him to 1970s Earth, does a bunch of stuff, then goes back to his own time. 

There’s no reason for this to be a What If? story.  Arguably, since he is returned to his time at the end, it’s not a what if, it’s a real, canon story..

So I’m going with yes, it did come true.  That brings us to 9 What If? stories out of 13 that came true.  More than half!

This story is actually one of the only two-part What If? stories.    Four years later, this story was so great and fondly remembered that Alan Zelenetz and Ron Wilson revisited it in a less-good, but still pretty neat, story in which he comes back and becomes a pimp.

Well, not really.  But he dresses like one because he’s still stuck on the girl from his first trip to Earth 616 and he wants to impress her.  I guess if his pimp hand was strong he wouldn’t do that.

Anyway, it ends with him falling in love with Thor.  Again, not really.  They fight and then get close to mouth kissing before Thor dies.

conan 2

Unlike the first story, there’s no way part 2 was canon.

Grade: #13: A; #39: B.


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