WHAT IF? #38 (1983)

One pretty good story and two meh ones–all about the future.  The lead story is the best one, and although it’s about Vision, who doesn’t get old (obviously), dealing with Wanda approaching death due to old age, what makes it cool is seeing Rhodey’s son as Iron Man.  It suggests that Dave Michelinie, who wrote this story, either thought that his use of Rhodey as Iron Man (in his Iron Man run, which was going on concurrent with this issue of What If?) had the potential be permanent, or he was trying to make everyone else think so.

Creators: David Michelinie and Paty
Grade: C+

The second story: What if Sharon Carter Had Lived.

Creators: Rick Margopoulos and Dan Reed.
Grade: C

And finally, Daredevil: 2018 by Alan Kupperberg.
Grade: C-

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