Spider-Woman #46 (1982)

Chris Claremont slowly, gradually, and wonderfully turned the Spider-Woman book into something really cool.  This is a key issue in her development, as it involves Jessica Drew and her Japanese boyfriend being attacked by Yakuza assassins.  As the story develops, we learn that a Yakuza faction knows she is Spider-Woman, and is trying to protect her from another faction, led by General Coy (father of the New Mutant called Karma), who are allied with Kingpin.

This begins her involvement with an increasingly Japancentric storyline, as well as her ties to Kingpin.  Very nice.

Sadly, just when Claremont set this book up to become something great, he moved on.  This is his final issue on the title.

Creators: Chris Claremont and Stephen Leialoha
Grade: A-

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