There’s really little chance that an album by the number one artists in both rap and soul, and one of the most famous musician couples on the planet, would be bad. And while there’s no verses on here that will make your jaw drop (like you might expect from Hova) and no hook that completely covers and drowns you (as the best Beyonce songs do, time after time), Everything Is Love hangs together as a very good, very slick tribute to a lasting love affair.

Last year, Beyonce’s Lemonade and Jay-Z’s 4:44 revealed the cracks and friction behind the legendary couple’s relationship, with unexpected confessions and deeper truth than we’d ever expected from either of them. This album brings them both together, and they’ve still got it. Apeshit is probably the best track on the album, with Jay-Z sneering at the NFL (“you need me, I don’t need you”) and Beyonce spitting at all the people who said they’d fail. An excellent track.

In fact, there’s not a “bad” song on the album, even if it might not have the immediate impact these two creators have offered on their past hits. (But “Boss” comes close.) Jay-Z has been releasing increasingly complex and mature albums over the past five years, and this record continues that trend. But he’s still got swagger. “You ain’t a boss, you got a boss. It’s disturbing what I gross. You ain’t even close.” As does B, who tells us her kids are already millionaires. And that’s what this album is really about: A dynasty.

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