Captain America #273-274 (1982)

JM DeMatteis steps away for a couple issues so David Anthony Kraft can bring Nick Fury back together with his WWII buddies, Howling Commandos.  Their main villain, Baron Strucker, returns as a Life Model Decoy who thinks he’s a real man (Pinocchio!) and seeks revenge on the group.  The idea of LMD Strucker was created during Roger Stern and John Byrne’s excellent run, and this just continues it.  This LMD is a Hydra executive, and he attacks the Commandos while they’re having a get-together, so the (surprisingly young-looking) group team up with Cap to take down a Hydra faction.  One of them, General Sam Sawyer, dies in the battle.
I suspect the main driver for this story was to clean up the Strucker LMD thread that was still hanging from the Stern/Byrne run.

Creators: David Anthony Kraft and Mike Zeck
Grade: C+

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