Marvel Two-In-One #80 (1981): Ghost Rider

So this one had mad potential.  Ghost Rider and Thing.  I can’t think of two guys less likely to work out a problem together.

The basic story has Thing feeling useless because he accidentally broke all of Alicia’s stone sculptures (and nearly killed her) while training, so he goes for a sad walk where he meets Ghost Rider.  And I really like the version of Ghost Rider in this book: He’s insane.  Just look at him navigating that intersection, above!  That’s how a flaming skeleton on a bike made of hellfire ought to be acting!

That’s really the whole story: GR gets nuttier and nuttier until Thing shows up and pummels him into leaving New York.  Still, a full-issue battle between these two is lots of fun—and Ron Wilson is such a great artist.

Finally, I’m no fitness guru (I read comics for Crissake), but what’s with the exercise machines that are just giant walls for heroes to hit?  First Wonder Man in MTIO #78, and now Thing…


Creators: Tom DeFalco and Ron Wilson
Grade: B-
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