IRON MAN #138-139 (1980)

Steve Martin guest stars
This issue starts with Rhodey parking Stark’s helicopter on a public street, so they can pick up Stark’s galpal Beth McCabe and getting a ticket from Steve Martin.

Then, they fight Spymaster (remember him?), who now works for The Maggia and Madame Masque, and they’ve got Dreadnoughts.

And I do mean “they” fight these foes—Rhodey takes out Spymaster on his own–culminating in a fiery helicopter crash.


And Bethany takes on Masque.  Since they’re chicks, they talk a lot during their battle and we learn that Beth knows Tony is Iron Man, and she does a total brutal move: She lets Masque walk away and tells her she “pities” Masque because she let a good guy like Tony get away.

That’s cold.

Creators: David Michelinie and Bob Layton
Grade: B-
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