Spider-Woman #21 (1979)

I’m not sure who thought replacing Carmine Infantino with Frank Springer would be an improvement, but whatever.  New Michael Fleisher immediately stakes out new ground with the title of this issue: “Beware the Spider-Woman– bounty hunter!”  He also gives her her own Microchip, a wheelchair-bound science nerd named Scotty McDowell.  McDowell is in love with Spider Woman.  He also lives in the apartment next to Jessica Drew, and doesn’t know that they’re the same person.

Fleisher also introduces the trope that the local police don’t approve of what she’s doing by creating Captain Alexander Walsh.  She’s one issue into being a bounty hunter and she’s already being yelled at.

Just when the Gruenwald run was starting to get good, we’re back to bleah again.

Creators: Michael Fleisher and Frank Springer
Grade: C-
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