03 Greedo is the new gangsta rap darling of the musicistas on the interwebs. He’s got a very special flow–he’s distinctive. Trust me. His face is completely tatted up. He’s got a steel plate in his shin from where he got shot. His verses are all hard–dope selling, fucking bitches. He’s lived in the hardest places: Born in Watts, spending time in Kansas City, Compton, St. Louie. He’s a former Grape Street Crip, and son of a crip who died when he was one year old. Dropped out of high school because his girl was pregnant. He’ll sleep with your girlfriend, “same time you’re doing time.” But at the same time, he went to private school–and calls himself middle class. He went to boarding school, where he got hooked on cocaine–not crack. Yeah, he’s full of contradictions.

It’s no wonder he’s the talk of the town these days.

Wolf of Grape Street is a good collection, even if it’s a bit overstuffed. The last half a dozen tracks start to sound the same. But gems like Baytoven, Drippin’ and Run for Yo Life make up for it. And I guess he’s got a lot to say, having recently done some time. He goes from West LA grind to trap to Midwest grime and back again, moving easily through modern rap’s major styles.

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