IRON MAN #131-132 (1980): Iron Man Versus Hulk

hulk eating

IMG_7468Jerry Bingham signs on to do some pencil work as Michelinie and Layton pit Iron Man against The Hulk.  And it is pitch perfect 1980s Hulk: Primitive, hilarious, and with heart.

And with a guest appearance by the Micronauts!  (Or at least the toys.)

These are two of my favorite comics ever; I can’t imagine how many times I read my dog-eared copies.  And the follow up, #133, is just as awesome…

Plotwise, Tony Stark is stuck in traffic.  Everyone is stopped still on the highway.  Why?

Because Hulk is eating bananas.

I wish I’d thought of having a page of pictures of nothing but Hulk sitting and eating.

Anyway, Tony decides that this is a job for Iron Man, and gets beaten pretty badly.

When he finally reverts to Banner, we get a pretty cool character moment:

Then there’s more Hulk vs. Iron Man, and in order to defeat him, Tony pushes his armor past its breaking point to where it shuts down.  He’s stuck inside it, and will soon run out of air.

That’s where it’s to be continued.

Creators: David Michelinie, Jerry Bingham, Bob Layton (finished art and plot)

Grade: A+



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