Today, when Marvel or DC want to introduce a brand-new character, they usually do it gradually, by bringing them into the pages of an established comic. So, that’s a big difference between now and 1980. What’s similar? Legacy heroes.

But what drove them to create She-Hulk was copyright concerns. Their Marvel TV show was doing well, and they were worried that CBS execs would create a female version of the licensed hero, making it hard for Marvel to get ownership of a new supercharacter. Also, Stan Lee needed something to do. She Hulk was his last creation for Marvel for 12 years, and really the last one that ever mattered.

Issue #1 was an origin story: Jennifer Walters, Bruce Banner’s cousin, gets shot and needs an infusion of blood. Her cousin provides it. And then…

It’s a fairly simple story and issue–something Stan was always really good at–but one thing they do right: Banner doesn’t Hulk out.  This is about She Hulk, not him, and they let her origin story take the spotlight.

Creators: Stan Lee and John Buscema

Grade: C+

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