AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #196-200 (1979-1980)


This is the one where Aunt May “dies.”
aunt may in a coffin

Of course she’s not really dead.  It’s just a trick to flush out the Burglar who killed Uncle Ben, and now wants to kill Aunt May.  The thing that kills me about this arc is how it completely fucks with Spidey’s origin.


Turns out, the killing of Uncle Ben wasn’t random.  The burglar hid some gold in the Parker house and was trying to go back and get it.  That means that it doesn’t matter that Peter didn’t interfere with a random crime when he didn’t stop the thief in Amazing Spider-Man #15, it means he didn’t stop a guy with a connection to Peter Parker.  The whole point of Spider-Man is to take responsibility for others–to stop evil wherever it is–not just to act in your own interests.  It’s a bad tweak of the origin that undercuts the themes of the entire series and character.

Anyway, he got busted before he got it, so now he’s come back to finish off May.  (Don’t worry about the “she’s already dead” part–it’s equally ridiculous.)


But instead of punching dude in the face or otherwise giving us something satisfying….


Yes, Peter scares him to death.

Creators: Marv Wolfman and Keith Pollard

Grade: D




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