DR. STRANGE #23-28 (1977)

I was so hopeful when I saw Jim Starlin in the credits, but this may be the worst Starlin work I’ve ever seen.  The art is sloppy, the story is boring…Clearly, he was trying to start something going, but it just wasn’t gelling.  By the time he got to issue #26, he had introduced “Dr. Stranger,” who was basically Dr. Strange with a warthog head, and returned The Ancient One to corporeal form (he had ascended to the stars a while back, giving Stephen the mantle of Sorceror Supreme) but returned him as a hobo, and introduced a cosmic conflict with The In-Betweener, a character Starlin created in the pages of Warlock.

But someone figured out that it wasn’t working, so quickly Roger Stern was brought in to right the ship.  He returned Ancient One to the heavens and had Strange handily defeat In-Betweener, level-setting the series for his run.

Roger Stern’s stern run didn’t start great because of this, but it would turn out to be one of the best Strange runs of all time.

Creators: Marv Wolfman (script #23), Jim Starlin (art #23, art and script #24-26), Roger Stern and Tom Sutton (#27, 28)

Grade: D
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