DAREDEVIL #155-157 (1978)

captain america daredevil

McKenzie’s arc suffers from fill-in/bad artists, but in #156 Gene Colan comes on board, with Klaus Janson inking, and really you can’t ask for anything better than that.

Matt Murdock is increasingly distracted by his alter-ego work, so Foggy hires Becky Blake (no relation to Don Blake) to help out with the office stuff.  One thing that made Marvel special was it showed how superhero work would directly impact on-the-job performance in a secret identity, and the book that did this best was Daredevil.

The Champions have broken up, and Black Widow apparently really wants to be on a team, so she’s hanging with Captain America and, still, Hercules.  The two of them kind of had a thing while together in The Champions.  To be fair, Herc and Widow had things with a LOT of people.

After some mind-control fighting, Widow and Daredevil are reunited–DD is recovering in the hospital.

Look at the great job Colan does with Hercules in the background!

These issues are a bit of a hodgepodge, with stories flowing directly into each other and no clear breaks, but they’re a terrific rollercoaster.  McKenzie’s run is about to end, and it’s too bad.  He’s an unsung writer of this series.

Creators: Roger McKenzie and Frank Robbins (#155), Gene Colan (#156-157)

Grade: B

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