Thor #246-247 (1976)

I’m always up for a Thor story with Firelord.  And until I started this project of reading all Marvel Universe comics in order, I had no idea he was such a big Thor character.  Anyway, like I said, Thor and Firelord are always good, even if the tale starts a bit stale with a very lame product placement for McDonalds on the splash page…

For some reason, Firelord has decided to become a political revolutionary in a Costa Verde.  Seriously.  But it’s okay because, like so many other Marvel dudes of this era, he was under a spell that made him behave badly.

I really would like it more if we could just have powerful guys who make bad judgment calls, like the rest of us, and up making big mistakes.

I much prefer my Thor stories to be about Asgardian politics.  This story feels beneath both of these great characters.

Very disappointed.

Creators: Len Wein (writer), Marv Wolfman (credited as “rebel with a lost cause”), and John Buscema ‘
Grade: C-
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