Marvel Premiere #17-18 (1974)

Have you ever seen the movie The Raid, in which a martial artist has to fight his way through a building, to get to the top.  That’s kind of like this story.

Iron Fist storms Harold Meachum’s building, having to work through booby-traps and bodyguards to get to Meachum’s 20th floor office.  It’s a fun adventure sequence that takes about two issues to tell.  It really showcases Larry Hama as an artist, who tried to make sure his combat sequences were always realistic.  There’s also a few really interesting foes along the way, like a guy in armor called “Triple Iron” who has been locked in a room for 10 years waiting for Iron First to show up, so he can kill him.  Fist also karate chops a dog, so we can add to our collection of superheroes punching animals.

When he finally reaches his target, it turns out that Meachum may have done the wrong thing by killing Fist’s daddy and mommy in the Himalyas, but he paid for it: He lost his legs to frostbite.  It’s a nice bit of irony.

Just as Iron Fist is deciding not to kill Meachum, a ninja bursts in and skewers him.  Then, of course, Meachum’s daughter Joy comes in and thinks Iron fist did it.  She swears revenge.

Creators: Doug Moench and Larry Hama
Grade: B-.  Well above average, if not very good at certain spots.
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