DAREDEVIL #113-115 (1974)


manthing swamp thingThese issues introduce Death Stalker, who is also featured in the first Frank Miller issue (#158).  But more importantly: Man-Thing meets the Man Without Fear.  Or at least it should have been more important.  It should have been awesome as Hell, especially since Gladiator is also in the mix.  But it’s not.

It’s sad these Gerber-penned DDs aren’t better.  I loved most of Steve’s work, but on Daredevil he seems to really be struggling.

But here’s an interesting thing: Man-Thing predated DC’s Swamp Thing by a few months, but in this comic artist Bob Brown makes Man Thing look almost exactly like Swamp Thing.

Very odd indeed.

Creators: Steve Gerber and Bob Brown

Grade: D

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