Halloween Cosplay: Which Hero To Choose

That’s right, true believers, it’s that time of the year again when you get to wade through a bunch of Harley Quinns who you strongly suspect have no idea the character originated in Batman: The Animated Series. Putting aside the haterade for a minute, let’s look at some ways to make sure you’re doing okay with this year’s outfit.


Who To Pick


This is the biggest question and it’s something you want to get right. Frankly, there’s a lot of choices you’ll want to avoid. Batman is better left to your 8-year-old self at this point. Please pick a character you can actually rock with, rather than what’s hot. For that matter, please ensure you actually read the comics before going ahead. Also, think about how much effort you’re willing to put in to pull it off. It’s probably a better idea to be a decent looking Frank Castle than a Spawn in a black balaclava with tin foil wrapped coat hangers flailing from your back. If it’s a concern, think about whether you care if people actually recognise it or not: Snowflame might seem like a great choice on paper but you may be left trying to explain just what the hell they were thinking with New Guardians all night, especially as, in all honesty, we’re not even sure ourselves at this point (gotta love the 80s DC editorial direction).Still, here are some easy ideas within most people’s budgets to get the ball rolling.


Matt Murdock

Pulling off Hell’s Kitchen’s favourite son is easy. Grab an off-the-rack suit from ASOS, pair with some oxfords, and pick up some John Lennon-style red full moon sunglasses. Find a red mobility cane at your local less-abled supply outlet and voila, you’re the man without fear in his civilian guise. This is obviously a good deal easier to engineer than his vigilante outfit, and also comes with preferential treatment on public transport as an added bonus.


Luke Cage


Sweet Halloween, another Defender for our list! Thanks to the recent TV show, Luke Cage is easier to bring to life than ever before. Simply take a lit cigarette to your second favourite Carhartt hoodie and throw on some Timbs, and you are good to go to a no deposit casino uk. By all means, go for the classic Powerman get up if you want but it will be just a tad more complicated.




On God, this is our last Defender-related suggestion. It’s just that being a self-avowed street level hero makes these outfits a lot easier to put together. You could opt to go with the white gloves/white boots get up for the classic look, or do like Garth Ennis and drop everything but the skull T-shirt. Be warned though, if you’re thinking about pairing this with prop firearms, you may want to take into account the temperature of law enforcement in your local area, no joke.



We’re going old school with this last suggestion, honouring the greatest character in one of the greatest 80s action cartoons of all time. If you’re sufficiently brolic, you can probably skip the muscle suit altogether and invest in some wide-strap dungarees or braces. Use silver children’s party hats for the shoulder spikes. Invest in a pair of custom painted nunchucks and shave your head, then simply cover the lot in blue dye/body paint. Thundertank recommended but optional.

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