MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #1 (1974): Man-Thing

marvel two in one #1

Steve Gerber was a genius.  I’ve sung his praises many times in the past.  He was quirky, cool, character-driven, creative….And he launched a grossly underrated comic: Marvel Two In One.  As a kid, I was a “Marvel Team Up” guy because I loved anything Spider-Man.  But as an adult, reading in retrospect, I think MTIO was a better comic.  The stories weren’t “standard” superhero team-ups, they were about things.  Actually, Thing.  The series took us through the life of Thing, and we got to see him as a boxer, a prison-warden, and in many other ways.  But it was Steve Gerber’s first issues that really set the tone for the book.

Marvel Two-In-One #1 paired one of Marvel’s most recognizable characters, The Thing, with Gerber’s own oddity, Man-Thing.  And art by the great Gil Kane.

Gerber knows that a great team up has to start with the heroes fighting, but he gets that out of the way in a few panels.  Then, he proceeds to take two of the most distinctive-looking Marvel characters and…Make them human.


Only Gerber would have thought to do this.  The duo go through a fight with Molecule Man, it’s a great story, but then, in the end, it gets even more bizarre:


Thing gives Molecule Man’s “magic wand” to a ginger-headed howdy doody kid.

Weird as hell.

Creators: Steve Gerber and Gil Kane

Grade: A

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