THE AVENGERS #109 (1973)

The return of a decent costume and his use of a bow.  So, basically, he went from a guy who could be huge and have superstrength to a dude with a weapon that’s older than gunpowder.  And yet, he was cooler for it.

Clint Barton goes back to being Hawkeye and decides to leave The Avengers, largely because he has a huge crush on The Scarlet Witch (who only has eyes for Vision).  He goes to San Francisco, hoping that beating up Daredevil will at least get him back into Black Widow’s pants.  It doesn’t work.

This issue, and Daredevil #99, kind of make Hawkeye out to be a bit of a boor.

Creators: Steve Englehart and Don Heck
Grade: C+

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