MARVEL TEAM-UP #5-6 (1972-1973): Vision and The Thing

This is one of those happenstance team-ups, where Vision is malfunctioning and Spider-Man happens to be swinging by.  Spidey takes Vision to a lab, where apparently Spider-Man has deep knowledge of telecommunications and robotics because he’s able to identify Vision’s problem as an external signal, being transmitted from the home of the Fantastic Four, i.e. the Baxter Building, which is interfering with Vision’s brain waves.

It’s due to Puppet Master, yodda yodda yodda.  In the course of addressing the problem, we learn Puppet Master isn’t the father of Alicia Masters after all.  He’s a friend of her real daddy, some guy named Jacob Reiss, who Puppet Master exploded, blinding Alicia in the process.

I wish they didn’t go there with this.  Alicia being born blind made the most sense.  Not every person’s problems in life should be caused by a supervillain.

Creators: Gerry Conway and Gil Kane

Grade: C.  Average.  Not bad, not great.

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