IRON MAN #48-51 (1972)

These issues are completely bonkers.  Villains include Firebrand, Princess Python, and Super-Adaptoid.  It also involves Marianne Rogers, Tony Stark’s precognitive girlfriend, who I wish they’d dump out of this book.

But there is one thing going for Iron Man during these issues: Tony’s drinking.  At first I thought Gerry Conway was ahead of his time, but now I see new writer Mike Friedrich is also continuing this storyline.

Other development: Tony seems to finally be dumping that irritating psychic girlfriend of his, Marianne Rogers.  I don’t see a reason for her to be in this book, so I couldn’t be happier.  Iron Man is supposed to be one of the more grounded-in-reality titles.  Having her around never worked well.

Creators: Mike Friedrich and George Tuska

Grade: C

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