DAREDEVIL #80-81 (1971)

The Owl returns.

So there’s this mysterious crimelord named Mr. Kline who’s been around for a few issues now, but I’m just hating this run so much I can barely pay attention.  There is something good that comes out of this story, though.

It looks like Owl dies (but we know he doesn’t) when his Owlcopter explodes and DD falls into the East River, below.

Black Widow happens to be watching and she dives in and saves him, but he’s unconscious and doesn’t know who saved him.

Widow reveals that she loves DD–it’s pretty fast and unexplained.

Then we learn that Mr. Kline is actually a robot called “The Assassin.”  And we don’t really care because it’s stupid.

Creators: Gerry Conway and Gene Colan

Grade: D

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