AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 105-109 (1972)

Enter the Spider Slayer
Spencer Smythe has a new Spider-Man killing robot, and of course JJJ funds it. There’s a neat unmasking storyline, where Smythe gets Peter changing into Spidey on film but he has no idea who Peter Parker is. And then, later, Peter wears a Peter mask over his Spidey mask and takes it off, making Smythe believe he never saw Spider-Man’s real face after all. There’s also some good development of Mary Jane and Harry Osbourne.

And a Dr. Strange cameo (don’t ask, the story is a little bit all over the place).

But the best part involves Aunt May finding some sticky white fluid on the floor of Peter’s room….

It’s web fluid, of course.

Creators: Stan Lee, Gil Kane and John Romita Sr.

Grade: B-

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