Thor #179-181 (1970): Jack Kirby’s last issue

In a bizarre face/off, Loki swaps bodies with Thor and promptly starts causing all kinds of problems.  I love this because it’s truly Loki acting like a God of Mischief, whereas most of the time he’s really an evil, world-conquering douche.

I’m a big fan of Neal Adams (how can a comic fan not be), so it’s a treat to see him illustrate Thor…But the mood is definitely different. It all feels less regal and more superheroic.  And I had to share the above panel.  I mean, come on.  Implied penis anyone?

There’s also an extended Mephisto appearance, which I think is the first time the character appeared outside of the Silver Surfer.

Creators: Stan Lee (scripts); Jack Kirby (#179) and Neal Adams (#180-181)
Grade: C+

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