Sub-Mariner #25 (1970)

John Buscema’s little bro signs on as a multi-issue storyline begins, with Namor trying to make Atlantis a legitimate government by enforcing shipping lane boundaries, fighting water pollution, and joining the United Nations. 

I suppose it’s interesting to see a king act like a king, and to see the traditionally liberal anti-industrialization view taken by one of Marvel’s most politically conservative characters.  And we do get to see Kraken and Hercules and Captain Marvel in these issues.  But they’re just … Dull.  And ultimately inconsequential.  The only reason the other heroes show up is to try to sell this inferior product.  Just my opinion, of course.

You’d think Mar-Vell and Namor could have a really interesting story, both being aliens in the world of humans, but you’d be wrong.  Or, at least this isn’t the interesting story it could/should have been.

Also, Rick Jones’ singing almost makes Namor’s head explode.

Creators: Roy Thomas and Sal Buscema

Grade: F

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