Finally, a really good issue of this comic! It starts with this nifty splash page of Namor hanging on a lamppost, yelling at nobody, like a drunken sailor. He’s landbound, now, since that evil alien took away his gills in issue #18. And, of course, all the humans come at him with guns trying to capture him. While trying to escape, he happens to break into the Latverian embassy (Marvel concidence-leads-to-major-story-point #1), and Dr. Doom happens to be there at the time (Marvel concidence-leads-to-major-story-point #2).

Doom tries to convince Sub-Mariner to give over control of the Atlantean army so that, working together, they can take over the world. But Namor won’t give. So they pose against each other and do a lot of yelling. Namor knocks Doom over and a statue falls on him. But in the end, Doom just kicks Subby out of the embassy and Namor decides Doom had the right idea…

He will lead an Atlantean invasion of New York!

Oh, and speaking of drunks and lampposts….

Creators: Roy Thomas and the great John Buscema
Grade: B. Well above average, and for a Sub-Mariner comic, this is excellent.

For the complete history of the MU, year by year, go here.

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