DAREDEVIL #58 (1969): Karen Page Learns Daredevil’s Secret Identity!

Karen Page’s father is a supervillain.  But it kind of doesn’t matter.

He dies by the end of the story.

It’s really just a device to rachet up the drama between Daredevil and Karen, to build to a crescendo, so that, in the final sequence, we can be standing at her dad’s gravesite.

Karen is mourning, and of course it’s raining.  Daredevil approaches and tells her to take off his mask.  Look at the way Gene Colan draws her eyes–she almost looks blind, they’re so wide and white.  But she’s also looking slightly off center.  Most panels don’t have characters staring off into the distance.  But it makes sense here.  She’s dissociating.  She’s grieving.  And she probably already suspects what she’s about to have confirmed for her….


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