THOR #165-167 (1969): The Return of Him (Adam Warlock)!

After being introduced in Fantastic Four #66-67, Adam Warlock-under the name “Him,” moves to the pages of Thor.  He won’t become Adam Warlock for another three years.

In the prior Thor arc, we saw something-we didn’t know what-beginning to hatch from a cocoon.  Now, we see it in the light, complete with a great Kirby close up…

How did Him get here?  Well, it was that damn Uatu again.  Despite the fact that The Watcher is pledged to not interfere with the universe, he was pulling meteors out of their orbital paths in order to study them.  Sounds like interference to me.  Especially when one of them had Him on it.

And, rather than put Him back into his original path, Uatu throws him down to Earth.

Weird.  Uatu must be a lawyer, ’cause he sure can bend a simple rule.

Anyway, Him emerges from his long sleep and now he’s horny so he goes after Sif.  Thor gets jealous but Him is apparently way more powerful that the Norse Gods…

And so we basically get a Sif-as-hostage story.  Disappointing, but I get it.  That’s how they did drama back then.

In the end, Thor throws a huge temper tantrum and beats the snot out of Him, who is holding back because he believes in some kind of code that allows Thor to whup his ass.

Thor’s tantrum is a Godly sin, apparently, called “Warrior Madness.”  As penance, Odin orders Thor to go look for Galactus because Odin has some kind of use for him-though it’s not clear what.  Yet.

Seems like a fine way to get Thor out into space!

Creators: Lee/Kirby
Grade: A

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