Captain Marvel #15-16 (1969)

Captain Marvel is given super powers by Zarek, the villain from his first appearance in Marvel Super Heroes #12, but it’s all a trick because Zarek and Ronan the Accuser were just trying to frame Mar-Vell for their own coup against the Kree leadership.  He defeats Zarek and Ronan, and in return the Kree Supreme Intelligence decides not to destroy Earth anymore.  But Mar-Vell will never be more than a captain, because he’s too full of love for Earth.  He does get new duds, though.

It looks like everyone was giving up on this book at this point, because writer Gary Friedrich stepped in to assist with the art chores.  The creative team is turning over.

Creators: Writers: Gary Friedrich, Archie Goodwin
Art: Gary Friedrich, Tom Sutton, Don Heck

Grade: C+

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