THE SUB-MARINER #9-11 (1968-1969)

There’s been this hat that’s been threading through Subby’s solo stories, and in this issue we learn that it’s called “The Serpent Crown.” So technically, this is not the first appearance of The Serpent Crown, but it’s the first time we get a name for it. Wiki says this is the first appearance.

Anyway, it gives various powers to the person who wears it. Lady Dorma puts it on, which freaks Sub-Mariner out, so he knocks it off her head quickly and roughly, which makes it transform from a weird-looking purple thing into a true crown of snakes. Fun ensues.

But without John Buscema, it feels a little flat.

Still, it’s a good story and it’s foundational for the Crown, which reappears several times over the next few decades.

Creators: Roy Thomas with Marie Severin (#9) and Gene Colan (#10-11).
First appearance: The Serpent Crown
Grade: C


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