THE INCREDIBLE HULK #104 (1968): Hulk Meets Rhino!

Gary Friedrich finds his voice in the first above-average Hulk story in a long time.  Years, I think.  Hulk literally beats Rhino to death (or so Hulk thinks—of course Rhino’s not dead).

I’m not sure this story is still canon.  Rhino is given augmented strength because the “fibers” of his costume have been bombarded with Gamma Rays.  I think, really, that Friedrich was just trying to think of a way to make a Rhino versus Hulk story without it being a one-punch fight.  It’s annoying that Gamma Rays are the source of all Hulk’s villains—and nobody else’s!—but if that’s the device needed to serve the story, it’s worth it to get a decent Hulk comic.

Then, as the cliffhanger ending, he kidnaps Betty Ross.

Creators: Gary Friedrich, Marie Severin
Grade: B-

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