The Avengers #223 by Dave Michelinie and Greg LaRocque is a fan favorite.  It’s the classic issue where Ant Man takes a ride on a Hawkeye arrow in a grand one-and-done story in which the duo took on Taskmaster.

I wrote about it here.

That terrific comic hit the stands on June 8, 1982.  Everyone remembers it.  And it was truly a great issue from back when The Avengers were at their highest height of greatness.

It was even used in Marvel’s Civil War film…


Little did I know, it wasn’t even their original idea!  This happened way back when…green-lantern-and-atom-compare-to-hawkeye-ant-man

And Green Lantern and Atom even did it again before Clint and Scott did it…

Everyone remembers Hawkeye and Ant Man, though, because Marvel is just better than DC.  And this is proof.



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