Thor #151-153 (1968)

Thor gets his powers back.  There’s also lots of great fighting between Gods and trolls, Sif and Loki, Thor and Loki…The operative word for this book is “big.”  Lots of widescreen panels, and Jack Kirby at his boldest and best.

And Marvel makes the wise decision to discontinue the short Inhuman stories that were appearing in Thor, so that with #153 we get all Thor.  When you’ve got a comic this good, you don’t need a back up feature.

Plus, Loki lifts Thor’s hammer. And don’t say it got disenchanted when Odin took Thor’s powers away because as soon as the cop tries to hold it, it drops like a boulder.

Creators: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
Grade: B.  Above average, almost great.

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