What is The Difference Between a Married and a Single Woman?

Almost every girl is very sensitive to the problem of loneliness. Why does this happen? Unlike men, they are aimed at creating a family and giving birth to children, arranging a family nest. There is a stereotype in society that a career, even the most successful one, cannot make a woman happy if she does not have a personal life.

The issue of marriage is especially relevant for those women who have already crossed a certain line and celebrated their thirtieth birthday. At this age, the girl stays alone for many reasons: her young years she “spent” on climbing the career ladder; early divorced her first husband; did not meet her soul mate. If a woman has no children, she can be called an “old maiden” behind her back, even if she lives a full life and boasts about her ideal figure. The tender-hearted colleagues and friends are struggling, finally, to marry the girl off. These facts were kindly provided by our friends from Marry Russian Brides dating agency!

Times change, so what is the main point now?

Many people think about how a married woman differs from an unmarried one. Single ladies respond that having no husband is the main point. In recent years, everything has changed. Today, there are a lot of unmarried famous women after 30, who do not want to bind themselves by marriage. Modern emancipated girls take an example from them and find many advantages of bachelor life. Such a practice is especially popular in Western countries. The concepts of “lonely” and “successful” are gradually becoming synonymous. This is due to the fact that society considers a girl who consciously stays alone, to be strong and independent.

Many wives keep their status even in spite of the fact that their family boats have already been wrecked. But they are afraid to stay alone, solve all the difficulties on their own. It seems to them that the life of an unmarried and lonely woman is hard and joyless.

Why don’t women get married?

There can be many explanations, all of them are quite individual in each case. But there is a number of reasons why women don’t want to put a ring on the finger.

  • A poor mother’s example.

If the family in which a little girl grew up was far from ideal, she might be unwilling to build a serious relationship. If the father behaved ugly in relation to the mother and did not express a desire to communicate with her daughter, she subconsciously perceives men as a source of grief. Since her childhood, she generated a distrust of the strong half of humanity, therefore all her relations were doomed to failure.

  • The desire to feel very safe and comfortable.

This desire is good and right but each time when the partners cannot give her what she wants, she feels disappointed and doesn’t want to continue this relationship.

  • The financial security of a woman.

When she has a good income, she wants to have a man of the appropriate level. Besides, such a wife will not stand a “domestic slavery” and is unlikely to adjust to some unfounded demands.

Is there any hope?

A woman after 30 has a real chance to meet a man with whom she will be happy. She is already full of freedom, she has achieved certain successes in her career and financial independence. As a rule, her career is stable to this age, she earns well and has her own home.

Life experience provides an opportunity to look at conflicts differently. The woman is already able to find compromises, make concessions and soberly assess the partner.

Now it’s time to create a family and get children. Marriage after 30 years, has many advantages, for example, a wife can spend more time with her husband and children.

So, women should not worry only because all their friends have already been married. Follow your desires and dreams and be happy!

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