Tales Of Suspense #51 (1964)

Iron Man meets The Scarecrow. Now, DC’s Scarecrow can make people feel fear—which makes total sense, given the character’s name.  Marvel’s Scarecrow is a professional contortionist who dresses like a scarecrow. Seriously. Oh, and sometimes crows fly around him.

And it takes Iron Man a whole issue to defeat him.  (Of course, Cobra is basically a contortionist as well—but a much better one—and he seems to be able to cause issue-long problems for Thor, so, that’s Marvel logic.)

There’s also another Tales of The Watcher that’s really, really stupid.  As with most Tales of the Watcher.

Creators: Stan Lee, Don Heck (Iron Man); Stan Lee, Larry Lieber (Watcher)

First appearance: Scarecrow
Grade: D-.  Just barely above an “F” because I really think F grades should be reserved for absolute crap.  Like most of what Marvel put out in the mid-1990s.

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