STRANGE TALES #156 (1967): Jim Steranko

More tremendous work by Jim Steranko.  Look at all the detail in that pic of Hydra Island.

Storywise, it’s also really great.  We learn that Baron Strucker is the leader of Hydra, and he plans a massive germ-warfare attack on the world.  Here’s the reaction of all Earth’s heroes:

I love how Steranko seems to be imitating Kirby for his rendering of the FF and Thor, Romita on Spidey and DD, Heck on Iron Man, etc.  Very nice.

Dr. Strange continues to be boring.  Oh well, half a great comic is better than none.

Creators: Dr. Strange: Stan Lee and Marie Severin
Nick Fury: Jim Steranko
Grade: Dr. Strange: F.  Nick Fury: B+

For the complete history of the MU, year by year, go here.

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