It’s never been clear to me whether Namor has power to talk to fish.  In this issue, he does.  But in others, he doesn’t seem to use the power when it would seem pretty damn handy to have.  Whatever.

Anyhow, Bill Everett has returned to draw the character he created and…I’m just going to say that in the mid-1960s you had artists like Gene Colan, John Romita Sr., and Gil Kane representing a new wave of artists who moved towards better use of backgrounds, shadows, and generally made the human figure more of a piece of art than a construct used to move a story along.  In the face of those artists, Everett simply isn’t that good.

So when he draws half a book and Gil Kane draws the other half, well, it really stands in contrast.

Storywise, Namor fights a giant robot and The Stranger makes Hulk go crazy, hoping Hulk will destroy civilization so Stranger can come back and take over Earth.

Stranger is one of those characters I’ve never really understood.
Creators: Lee, Everett (Namor); Lee, Kane (Hulk).
Grade: C

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Namor, Cosmic Characters, Hulk, 1967

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